September 2018


This month, we featured a wide variety of styles, a lot of which are fruit infused. They're all sessionable, yet all extremely delicious on their own.

7 unique breweries, 5 different formats, 8 unique beers totaling 4147ml of beautiful beer.

Drink Fresh!


Block Three 

Sunshine Berries

Saison with Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry - 5.5% abv. (St. Jacobs)

A brett-fermented saison with a huge amount of raspberry, blueberry and blackberry. A slight tartness and a wonderful finish. Fruit salad in a glass.

Pairings: Salads and simple chicken dishes, Anything that allows the subtle fruit flavors to linger.


Sleeping Giant

Beaver Duck

American Pale Ale - 5.3% abv. (Thunder Bay)

This unfiltered and dry hopped Pale Ale has a citrusy aroma of tangerine and pine with a clean finish. Beaver Duck is an APA with distinctive hoppiness (Centennial, Galaxy, Amarillo), without the bitterness.

Pairings: Pizza and Pasta. Pilsners are the perfect match to anything carb based, especially when its accompanied with sauce or cheese.


The Exchange

Grapefruit Pale Ale

Grapefruit Pale Ale - 6.1% abv. (Niagara-on-the-lake)

A grapefruit infused pale ale, dry-hopped with Galaxy. The combination of the already grapefruit tasting Galaxy hops and grapefruit puree make this pale ale feel like you're drinking a glass of juice. Drink Fresh.



Raked Over

IPA w/ Mango, Pineapple, Habanero - 6.9% abv. (Guelph)

Hang ten with this juicy hop forward IPA with loads of citrus hop notes upfront, juicy pineapple and mango flavours, and a spicy habanero kick. 




Sour IPA - 6.9% abv. (Guelph)

Jump on board with this Sour Raspberry IPA! This tasty summer IPA brings together juicy hop flavours with tart sour notes and a tidal wave of fresh raspberries.


Grain & Grit

Chasing Summer

Oat Ale - 5.8% abv. (Hamilton)

Brewed with raspberry, cacao & 30% oats. Bubble gum, raspberry & floral aroma. Slightly tart, sweet & bitter chocolate flavour. Soft, creamy mouth feel.


Signal Brewing

Toy Robot

Session IPA - 4.3% abv. (Corbyville)

Pleasantly fruity, extremely drinkable and remarkably complex, this green tea infused ale showcases a myriad of rich flavours. New world hops add a bitter and citrusy punch, only to part and reveal a bright blast of strawberry and finishing with a lasting green tea backbone.

Ingredients: Water, malted barley, malted wheats, oats, hops, strawberry puree, green tea.


Second Wedge

Gin Joint

Gruit Ale - 5% abv. (Uxbridge)

Inspired by the botanicals in our favourite cocktail spirit, Gin Joint sparkles with a bright and aromatic blend of juniper, angelica root, cassia, orange peel, coriander and cardamom.

giphy (1).gif

You can create a gin & tonic with gin joint, tonic water, and some lime! Use about 65% Gin Joint and 35% Tonic water.

Glassware etiquette: We recommend using any tulip shape glass for all of these beers, and a wine glass for the berry saison. IPA glasses work great for the IPA's. For simplicity, you can use a "teku" for any style of beer, always.