MAY 2019

From Juicy IPAs to smoked wheat ales, with a couple of sours in between. We also welcome our newest brewery - Whiprsnapr (Ottawa)

7 unique breweries and 8 unique beers.

IPA - 6.5% abv. (Caledon)

Simorillo - this IPA features a blend of Simcoe, Mosaic, and Amarillo.  We modified our base water profile for this particular beer to accentuate fullness in the body of the beer and help carry the aggressive hop dosing we gave it. 
We taste notes of citrus, berry, pine, pineapple and some residual grapefruit.
Available in bottles exclusively through Small Batch Dispatch 

Pink Guava & Mango Sour - 5.0% abv. (Markham)

Our first foray into blended fruited kettle sours, we’ve added about 200lbs each of mango and guava puree for a delicious tropical character. We’ve also dry hopped this beer with Australian Vic Secret and Amarillo for additional peach and pineapple complexity.


Oat Ale - 5.6% abv. (Hamilton)

Brewed with dried hibiscus flower petals and cacao nibs, giving this beer a unique, slightly tart, cranberry and wine grape flavour. Soft creamy mouth feel and thick light head. Bubble gum, grape, strawberry & floral aroma. Smooth, dry & subtle spicy finish


Fruited Wheat - 5.5% abv. (Ottawa)

First made with maple sap instead of water!
Blueberry pancakes. A wheat beer made with maple syrup and blueberries.


IIPA - 8.0% abv. (Corbyville)

ELECTRO IIPA is a shockingly drinkable juicy and dank New England IIPA brewed with a blend of Simcoe, Amarillo, and Citra hops! This is an 8% juice bomb.


Dry-hop Sour - 5.0% abv. (Corbyville)

VOLT DRY HOP SUNLIGHT SOUR has light notes of citrus and guava keep this dry-hopped sour soft, sunny and easy to session, with all the tart and tangy you showed up for. Pours a pastel yellow with a promising pale haze!


Smoked Wheat Ale - 4.9% abv. (Uxbridge)

This twist on the traditional Munich wheat beer has a lightly smoked aroma and a crisp, dry finish from additions of oak-smoked wheat and pale rye malts. Low hop bitterness lets these subtle flavours shine. Smoked Wheat on Rye has lingering spice/banana notes, the result of esters produced during its fermentation with weissbier ale yeast. Pairs with smoked fish, potato chips, pickles.


muddy york dark lager

Shwarzbier - 4.6% abv. (Toronto)

Black Opal Schwarzbier is a collaboration with one of the few Advanced Cicerones® in Canada, Lauren Richard. Showcasing a very delicate roast character, this crisp and refreshing lager is deceivingly light, defying your visual expectations. Like the most precious and rare of all opals, Black Opal Schwarzbier is anything but common.

Glassware Etiquette: We recommend using any tulip shape glass for all of these beers or a wine glass works too. IPA glasses work great for the IPA's. For simplicity, you can use any of our glasses for any style of beer, always.