December 2018

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This month, we featured an exclusively released Saison from Badlands brewery.

Joining our program is Tuque de Broue from Embrun with their fantastic coffee porter.

8 unique breweries and 8 unique beers.

4069 ml.


Fruited Sour - 5% abv. (Markham)

Made in honour of their second anniversary, we’ve added over 300lbs of passionfruit puree and 15kg of Australian Galaxy hops for a massive punch of tropical fruit character.


Saison - 6.5% abv. (Caledon)

This month, we'll be featuring an exclusive release, Their house Saison, "Mauvaises Terres." Warning: it might be a bit of a gusher!

Primary fermented with our house saison blend for 4 weeks in stainless and then innoculated/bottled with our house brett blend. Naturally carbonated and allowed to cellar age for 3+ months in the bottle, leads with mixed fruity citric notes before cascading into a satisfying mid palate funkatorium of flavor that gives way to a crisp, dry finish. 


Belgian IPA - 8.5% abv. (Norfolk)

Using a modified version of the grain bill for our Tripel, we aimed for a high alcohol content and a slight malty sweetness that would act as a counterpoint to some heavy-handed hopping. The beer’s bitterness comes out at the lower end of the IPA bitterness scale and was achieved using generous doses of locally-sourced hops. Dry hopping showcases the wonderful floral, herbal, and citrus flavours of the hops, and complements the signature spicy and fruity notes produced by our Belgian yeast. 


Australian IPA - 6.1% abv. (Elora)

Australis is the southern expression of the polar lights. We packed this beer with nelson sauvin hops from new zealand and galaxy hops from australia to achieve a beer that is bright and bold. With notes of mango and apricot followed by a subtle, pine flavour and a juicy finish. The southern lights in your glass!


Dark Saison - 5.5% abv. (Uxbridge)

A dark saison for the cooler months! Sweater Weather offers comforting aromas of orange peel and chocolate, then reveals deeper raisin and coffee flavours on the sip, finishing dry and effervescent. A collaboration with the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies in support of the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Pairs with roast pork, caramelized root vegetables, camembert.


Coffee Porter - 4.8% abv. (Embrun)

Infused with cold brew coffee, this porter completely feels like you’re simply drinking a cold coffee. It’s refreshing and easy drinking, with a crisp finish. It’s the most impressive light coffee porter we have ever tried and it makes for the perfect breakfast beer!


Quad - 10.0% abv. (St Jacobs)

A Belgian dark strong beer with notes of dried fruit (raisin/cherry), candy sugar and dark chocolate.

Nicely balanced, with a wonderful sweetness. Drink this slow, because that 10% abv is nowhere to be found.


IPA - 6.5% abv. (Toronto)

Named after the fishmongers who supply toronto with fresh seafood to this day, Fisheye is an unfiltered IPA with notes of tangerine, grapefruit, and a sweet caramel finish. Pours a light honey-amber with classic West Coast hop profile of dank pine and sweet caramel malt. The recipe has been tweaked since it’s initial inception to make it less malt heavy and more hop-forward.

Favorite Beer of the Month?

Glassware etiquette: We recommend using any tulip shape glass for all of these beers or a wine glass works too. ipa glasses work great for the IPA's. For simplicity, you can use our tumbler for any style of beer, always.