About Us

Small Batch Dispatch is a one-stop-shop for craft beer lovers. We source out the freshest small batch brews from the best Ontario breweries and deliver them right to your door each month. 

There are over 250 craft breweries across Ontario; however only a handful can be found at your local LCBO, Beer Store, or grocery store. The majority of the craft beer Ontario has to offer would otherwise never be experienced. 

Ontario breweries are constantly pushing the envelope in regards to what beer can be and we want to have their work showcased. 

Interview with the 6rightest

Small Batch Dispatch wants to remove the stigma that beer is a "cheap drink" or, worse, a "man's drink". Craft beer is an art form. Breweries are making unique and diverse products, therefore there is a style for everyone to enjoy. Craft beer, especially Ontario Craft Beer, should be perceived as a premium product. We, Small Batch Dispatch, ultimately want to be the catalyst that brings about this needed change in the craft beer industry. 

Our founders began with a single thought, "Why don't those amazing, small scale breweries have as much notoriety as the big players?" From there they've partnered with those same brewers and created a platform for craft beer lovers to discover and reward breweries for their innovation and excellence.

When you order from us you're not only helping yourself to great craft beer; you're helping us push the entire industry forward.