October 2018

October 18 curation.jpg

This month we didn’t feature a single IPA! (the first time thus far)

The curation is very seasonal and features a lot of beers to warm you up this Thanksgiving weekend.

8 unique breweries and 8 unique styles of beer.

4042 ml.


Second Wedge

Love Child

Wheat with cocao - 5% abv. (Uxbridge)

A dark wheat ale married with 100% cacao emulsion from Uxbridge’s own @desbarreschocolates

Pairings: A fruit layered cheesecake.


Rouge River

Autumn Pale Ale

Pale Ale - 5.5% abv. (Markham)

Hopped with Ekuanot, Mosaic, Hallertau Blanc, and Sorachi Ace and some light crystal malt for notes of toffee and caramel.

Pairings: Pizza and Pasta. Pilsners are the perfect match to anything carb based, especially when its accompanied with sauce or cheese.



Triple Points

Tart Pale Ale - 6.1% abv. (Toronto)

A juicy, bright pale ale with notes of orange, apricot and lime, with a light acidity to compliment the citrusy hops and enhance drinkability.



Honey Bell

Sour Ale with Honey & Citrus - 9.5% abv. (Cambridge)

Honey Bell is a sour ale brewed with soft Ontario winter wheat, Tangelo juice/zest, and local honey. Aged in Ontario white wine barrels for 9 months with Brett and Bacteria prior to bottle conditioning for an additional 6 months.



Dark Streets of London

ESB - 5.2% abv. (Hamilton)

A true to form English Special Bitter. A deep brown colour with malt forward taste, medium body, and caramel finish. Best enjoyed with hearty meal.




Amber Lager - 5.1% abv. (Barrie)

This Festbier is brewed with a focus on a great depth of malt flavour provided by German Vienna, Munich, and Melanoidin malts, balanced by a touch of Willamette hops. Golden Amber in colour with a fine white foam, lighter than a traditional Oktoberfest beer. Extended lagering time gives this beer its crispness and depth of character.


Signal Brewing

Volt: Blackberry

Fruited Sour - 6.2% abv. (Corbyville)

Loaded with blackberry and a generous amount of whole vanilla beans, this blackberry sour is defined by its upfront fruitiness, gentle tart body and deep, rich vanilla backbone. Sweet yet sour, perfect for a hot day. .



Cherry Weizen

Fruited Wheat Beer - 5% abv. (Blyth)

Blending the refreshing and vibrant sensations of a German-style wheat beer with juicy, sweet cherry and fragrant, zesty hops. Hefeweizen flavours showcase the lively hops and delicious ripe cherry, with low bitterness and an elegant, effervescent finish.

Listen to the brewmaster here!


This was our first month featuring Folly, Clifford, and Cowbell!

We have increased to 24 partner breweries!

Glassware etiquette: We recommend using any tulip shape glass for all of these beers, and a wine glass for the berry saison. IPA glasses work great for the IPA's. For simplicity, you can use a "teku" for any style of beer, always.