November 2018

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Start off your month with one of three IPAs while they’re fresh!

From Ottawa to Norfolk county, with a couple of stops on the way. November 2018 is in the books.

8 unique breweries and 8 unique beers.

4024 ml.

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Fruited Sour - 5% abv. (Hamilton)

Brewed with lactose, lemon zest, raspberry & black currant. Fresh raspberry & lemon on the nose, with a burst of berries on the sip.

Pairings: A fruit layered cheesecake.

Barncat everything in yellow willibald collab

Gin Barrel Aged Saison - 8.7% abv. (Cambridge)

A strong Saison brewed with Meyer lemons, and Golden Belgian candi syrup in collaboration with @drinkwillibald. It was then aged in their freshly emptied Gin casks with Brett and Bacteria for 4 months, prior to re-fermentation in the bottle.

signal static wheat ale

Wheat Beer - 4.5% abv. (Corbyville)

Simple, yet elegant – an old-world style with a new-world twist. Delightfully light and drinkable, yet full-flavoured and rich in texture. On the nose, mild aromas of sweet bananas and white pepper. The flavour reveals a deep and complex mixture of pepper, cloves, bananas, bubblegum and a rich, wheat texture tangled throughout its bright effervescence.

grisette-new limburg.jpg

Grisette - 4% abv. (Norfolk)

A light refreshing beer with herbal notes of sweetgrass and traditional Belgian yeast spiciness. Much more flavorful than your typical Grisettes that normally drink as a light Saison.


Second Wedge

Fat Bike

Double IPA - 8.5% abv. (Uxbridge)

Brewed with 100% Uxbridge hops grown by 6th Hops, Fat Bike is no lightweight beer, but it’s a revelation: a light body with intense citrusy hoppiness makes Fat Bike as refreshing as an 8.5% ABV beer can be.

Pairings: carne asada, tandoori chicken, paella, key lime pie.



Dinner Music

Saison - 5.1% abv. (Guelph)

Dinner Music is a snappy golden ale fermented with a special brettanomyces yeast blend in a neutral oak barrel. This easygoing beer, with a mild earthy funk and crisp finish, is best paired with pretty much anything, it’s Dinner Music.



Rainbow in the Dark

Rye IPA - 6.6% abv. (Barrie)

Pours a hazy orange body with off-white foam. It’s brewed with rye and honey malt for a creamy, body with a slightly sweet malt character. Rainbow In The Dark is loaded with Columbus, Vic. Secret, and El Dorado hops giving off aromas of papaya, lemon, lime, and strawberry weed. The flavours follow suit with a dank, hoppy finish and nice bitterness.


Dominion City

Alouette 1

IPA - 6.5% abv. (Ottawa)

Named for Canada's first satellite, launched in 1962, Alouette 1 is brewed with vast quantities of Galaxy, a massively tropical hop that features notes of passionfruit, clean citrus and peach.

Favorite Beer of the Month?

Glassware etiquette: We recommend using any tulip shape glass for all of these beers, and a wine glass for the berry saison. IPA glasses work great for the IPA's. For simplicity, you can use our tumbler for any style of beer, always.