Favorite Beers of 2018

Ontario's craft beer scene is constantly growing. With this growth comes a need for breweries to brew new styles of beer, or for some, execute a traditional style exceptionally well. With a new brewery opening nearly every other week it can be tough to track down and determine the best of the best. Looking back on a great year of beer, we've compiled a list of Ontario Craft Breweries best beers of 2018. We used our curation team's opinions and data from our customer surveys and social media polls to determine the standouts in each style. While we've visited over 150 breweries in 2018 alone, we are sure there are some standouts that you think should be in this list, and we'd love for you to let us know what we missed. Thank you to everyone who supported Ontario Craft Beer in 2018, and we look forward to tracking down the best, and freshest beer in the year to come. This is a recap on some of our favorite beers coming out of Ontario in 2018. Organized by style, in no particular order.

Your friends from Small Batch Dispatch

Fruited/Kettle Sour

·         Passionfruit – Rouge River

·         Tangerine – Rouge River

·         Strawberry Catharina – Market

Farmhouse Sour

·         Honey Bell – Barncat

·         Bastet Sauvage – Barncat

·         One Year Wiser – Small Pony


·         Sunshine Berries – Block 3

·         Everything in Yellow – Barncat

·         Picnic Blanket – Dominion City


·         Three Fields – Elora

·         Hessenland Helles – Bad Apple

Dark Lager

·         Dark Lager – Stone House

·         Black Bear – Market

·         Dunkel - Elora


·         Czech Pilsner – Stone House

·         Australian Pils - Badlands

Imperial Lager/Pilsner

·         Nanatsu - Godspeed

·         Lupulus – Tooth and Nail

·         I-Owl – Wellington

Pale Ale

·         Citra Bloom – Barncat

·         Cat Factory – Barncat

·         Borealis – Elora

Barley Wine

·         Green Out – Barncat


·         Rain Maker – Second Wedge

·         Snow Goose – Sleeping Giant

·         Kemuri – Godspeed

Imperial Stout

·         Mother Night – Barncat

·         Never Say Never – Rouge River

Session IPA/Pale Ale

·         12 Star – Stone City

·         Toy Robot – Signal


·         Citra IPA – Badlands

·         Sunsplit – Dominion City

·         Alouette – Dominion City

Imperial IPA

·         Frequency – Signal

·         Double the Juice – Barncat

·         Dankster’s King – Rouge River


·         Dead Later – Block 3

·         Belgian IPA – New Limburg

What are some of your favorites? We’d love to hear! Leave a comment below.