Old Flame's "Extra Tall Boys"

All cans in the photo are 568ml. From left to right, "Dirty Blonde", "Perry Loved Mary", "Brunette."

After visiting Old Flame Brewery in Port Perry for the first time, we were very impressed. So much so, we decided that they needed to be a fixture in our subscriptions for months to come. Their IPA, Perry Loved Mary (named after the intersection that the brewery can be found at), and the "Dirty Blonde" were both great, but it was the "Brunette" that had us really excited.

A little bit about this Brunette: Originating in Munich, Bavaria. This dark, malt forward beer is popular due to the nutty and toast-like flavours. Made with a blend of seven different malts, our Old Flame Brunette has enhanced the flavours that the style is famous for. These flavours are then followed by a slight bitter hop flavour and long, dry finish.

It's no wonder it won Gold Medal for Dark Lager's at 2014's Niagara Beer Competition.