Ontario's favourite style of beer

It’s no question that macro lagers are the most popular style of beer consumed, but what is the craft beer lover’s most preferred style of beer?

Thanks to the help of our wonderful customers, we have used their submissions to analyze their style preferences. The styles of beer included were: lagers, stouts, red ales, IPA’s, brown ales, and sours. These styles were chosen due to their prominence in retail stores.

  • The clear winner, without surprise, was the IPA. Coming in at a preference of 82.8%, IPA’s are the favorite style of craft beer for Ontario.

  • The runner-up, Sours. Despite the biggest fluctuation in reported preferences, sour beer had a preference of 71.8%.

  • The remaining 4 styles all finished around the same low-60% mark.

It’ll be interesting to see how these preferences adapt over time and if the preference for traditional styles will increase. (We think they will)

Beer Preferences

Data represents the self reported preferences of 125 random customers. 0%= Strongly Disagree, 100%= Strongly Agree

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