New Breweries to Join our Monthly Dispatch

5 new breweries

We’re excited to announce our 5 latest partner breweries that will be joining our monthly shipments!

In no particular order and with a short description, here they are:

Second Wedge (Uxbridge)

Open since December 2015, The Second Wedge Brewing Company is a walkable neighbourhood brewery right in downtown Uxbridge — a beautiful, comfortable space to gather, learn and taste something new.

Focusing on creating small batch ales, they provide 4 diverse core beers with a constant array of unique seasonal offerings. In September, we featured their “Gin Joint” - a gin inspired gruit ale. In October, we featured their “Love Child” - a cacao infused wheat beer; one of the finest dark wheat beers we have ever tried.


They were our first Toronto-based brewery and their story is a pretty great one, so we’ll let them it to you:

“Our story starts in 2011, when we set out with a simple goal: brew a hoppy pale ale that would compliment the house-ground burgers at our local burger spot. When our beer was a bigger hit than our burgers, we decided it was time to pursue an adventure in brewing, and pay homage to our home - Toronto's Kensington Market. Our mission was to represent the diverse flavours of our neighbourhood, with beer that reflected the eclectic culture.

Growing from the culinary roots that led us into brewing, and our insistence on using local ingredients as both content and inspiration, we have thoughtfully crafted beer that is best enjoyed with food. We’re excited to bring you innovative new flavours, and explore with you the wonderful relationship between what we eat and what we drink.“


This is the epitome of “Destination Brewery” and their facility feels like the Disney World of Ontario beer. Sure, maybe they are a little bit bigger than our other partners but they are bringing new life to a very small town in Western Ontario, and that’s pretty special.

With their new program of canning a small batch brew every month or so, we decided we had to get them on board.

Folly Brewpub (Toronto)


A Belgian-style small batch brewery with a focus on mixed fermentation beer to fuel their west end brewpub. You’ll be able to find a wide variety of styles, on tap and in bottles. Our first feature from them will be their first ever canning run of a tart pale ale, “Three Points.”

You can follow along with head-brewer @johnpjenkinson and his creations.

Clifford Brewing (Hamilton)


Hamilton’s beer scene is nothing short of impressive and here is the second brewery from the hammer to join us.

Featuring one of the finest Porters in Ontario, they make a wide variety of styles with great seasonal offerings.

What do you think about these new additions? Let us know in the comments below!