Brewery Tour - May 11

Join us on our first ever Brewery Tour!

We will be departing from Islington Station in Toronto at approximately 12pm, visiting Elora Brewing, Block 3, and Brothers Brewing!

Tickets include a flight at each place. Each of these three breweries are located in beautiful Ontario towns, giving you the ability to explore.


Elora Brewing

Located in downtown Elora - This will be our first stop of the trip. Along with your flight of beer, we’d recommend enjoying lunch here with their farm-to-table menu, followed by a little exploring of the town!

Along with their amazing flagship beers (such as Elora Borealis - Citra Pale Ale), they are sure to always have 2-3 fun small batch brews.

ETA - 1:30pm

Block3 Brewing

Located in St Jacobs Village -

When thinking of St. Jacobs most of our minds would be directed straight to the farmers market and the menonite population; although the huge collection of mug club members goes to show that St. Jacobs is very much a beer town. 

At the forefront of the Ontario craft beer industry trends is Block 3 and they're brewing some incredible barrel aged farmhouse ales and kettle sours. Opening in 2013, prior to the boom in Ontario Craft Beer, Block 3 does it all, and most importantly, does it well. 

ETA - 3:20pm

Brothers Brewing

Located in downtown Guelph - There’s a cosy nostalgia that permeates the space. Subtly hidden in the layout of the room is a respectful nod to the building’s storied past. Brothers is a brewery, a bar, a bottle shop, and a communal hub. We have 12 taps of house brewed craft beer, we host communal workshops, food pop-ups, and local bands and entertainment. If you’re downtown Guelph looking for a pint and a good time, look no further.

ETA - 4:30pm