Craft beer tasting

The perfect way to create a memorable party is by incorporating beer tasting and food pairings. Whether it’s a team building exercise, a fun night with friends, or you’re looking to enhance a current event; we have something just for you.


Beer meets Charcuterie

Sure wine & cheese pairing is pretty great - but have you tried pairing beer with cheese, meat, and preserves? With a seemingly infinite amount of pairings to be made, there’ll be a lot of fun to be had with the amount of new found flavors you’ll discover.


Beer + Dessert

Whether it’s a guided pairing or you’re looking to cater craft beer and fresh artisanal desserts, there’ll be something for any type of party. Pairing beer and desserts isn’t exactly commonplace yet, but we promise, when paired correctly, it is fantastic.


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The products we use:

All of the beer will be small batch Ontario craft beer, often one-off varieties that you will likely never see again.

Wine, Cider, and Spirits will be nearly all Ontario.

Desserts are created by @MPDelights.

Charcuterie boards will be created with an array of domestic and international products.